Can I check my class ability and deck during the run/fight?


During the run: you tap on player info icon

And then on the class icon.

During the fight: Tap on the class icon in the top-left corner.

Do cards with "Remove" count towards race counter after they're removed?


Does Immune protect from Wound?


Does Shield protect from Wound?

No. Shield protects from incoming damage but not from effects tat make you “lose HP”.

How do you get a class ability upgrade?

You can buy it at the Merchant under “Services” tab. If the upgrade is available it will appear on the very top.

How can I join beta?

You can now join Beta program supporting us on Patreon starting from 1$!

Follow the link

How can you share run?

The option to share run appears at the end of your run, no matter if it was victorious or not. Its on the bottom-left of the screen that displays the statistics of your run.

How exactly overcharged works?

 When you are overcharged it means you can not gain more Mana. Instead, if you would gain Mana, you gain Resistance and Strength.

Note that it doesn’t apply to “Replenish”. If a card says you will replenish your Mana it means it will be refilled and it can b done even when you’re overcharged.

How many inferno levels are there?


I bought Double Exp package but I still have to watch ads at the end of run to double exp, why?

The description states that all experience is doubled and the option to watch an ad at the end of the run allows you to double it yet again, making it x4 altogether.

I lost my progress, what can I do?

Fill the form here

In tournament I have a bug that...

Check tournament rules. There’s a good chance it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Is this game on IOS?

No and currently there are no plans to do it

Sun Priesstes is bugged?

No it isn’t. If you have Sun Priestess and no Demon cards but still you get debuffs when playing Sun Priestess it’s because you have Opal Stone Skill.

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